Commitment, Conviction, Character, and Attitude


A note to our competitors this year whether you metaled or not:

“It’s not just about the results, it’s about perfect execution. It is the process that counts, not just the end result.”

Winning a championship metal and representing your team is a great thing but many people only reevaluate their technique and strategy during losses. To find their mistakes and places of improvement.  But rarely do people take the same amount of time after their wins.  It is important to spend just the same amount of time evaluating your wins as it is to evaluate and learn from your losses.  Why?  Because your mindset should be on perfect execution while on the mats in competition, not just trying to win a metal. The process is much more important than the result.  

Even if you win you should be evaluating why the match ended in such a close score.  “I should have left this match out of reach of my opponent,” or, “why was I able to win only  by points (advantages), why was I unable to finish with a submission? What opportunities did I miss to do so?”  You have to remember the win on that day of competition started weeks, months,(and for our seasoned competitors) even years in preparation for that one day of competition.  It included off-season practice, extra Sunday practices, private lessons, extra-work in the weight room, and extra time on the treadmill.   Every second of that process led you to a championship metal.   So how did you become a champion on that day of competition?  Because you already were a champion.  Your commitment, character, conviction, and attitude prior to that day of competition allowed you to do what you needed to do as a competitor on the day when it matters most. These attributes-commitment, conviction, character, and attitude- do not ensure success, but they make it possible.

 “What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you say.”  

There are doers who exude positive energy and have the toughness to work hard, persevere, overcome adversity, and take great pride in their work.  There are others who can always give you a reason why they don’t get it right.  If you know what you want and have the commitment, conviction, character, and attitude to go after it, then are you ready to do the things necessary to succeed?  Are you willing to put in the hard work that it’s going to take?

“You don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you deserve.”

What you want should be something you’ve already earned.  I believe that if you invest your time, you can get what you deserve.  Understand, this doesn’t mean you will always get what you want.  Just because you have a great 6 week training camp doesn’t mean you will win on competition day, but it does give you a better chance at winning.  In other words, doing things correctly will only put you in the best position for success, relative to the competition. As blackbelts, as coaches, and as leaders it is our responsibility to put our competitors in the best position to reach their goals, in every match and even in every single positional change in that one match.  As a person and martial artist, you have the same responsibility to yourself: to give maximum effort in all of your endeavors to set yourself up for success, even though it is not guaranteed.  Put the time into making practice, reviewing tape on yourself, watching matches on youtube, getting extra workouts outside of the dojo and always do the best work possible- and you’ll be surprised at the results. 


Gunshots at Fresno City College

    Monday October 14, 2013 – Gunshots rang out on the Fresno City College campus.  No suspects have been detained as of so far and it looks like the weapon was a 9mm handgun which can easily be concealed under clothing or in a students backpack and brought onto campus.  

    Gun debates have been a hot topic this year with the shootings in the Batman movie theater in Colorado and the school shooting in Sandyhook.  With the way the media portrays it you would think that as a nation we are hitting a new time high in violence.  But the reality is that the nations violent crime rate has been dropping at consistent rates for many years now and that’s a very good thing.  The problem we have here in Fresno is that we are having major budget problems that stop our jails and prisons from holding onto recently detained criminals.  Our police are doing a great job of arresting these offenders but our jails are just overpopulated and underfunded as of right now. 

    This has lead many civilians here in Fresno County to think about their safety and either learn a new martial art, or buy a gun for home defense, or even obtain a license to carry a gun concealed in public.  In light of these new developments, Pacific Martial Arts has created a new program affiliated with the Guerrilla Combatives formed by Dave Camarillo.  The class here in Fresno will have aspects of MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, gun safety and weapon manipulation, knife scenario’s, multiple-attackers, non-lethal weapons (taser, pepper spray),  and how to defend yourself in your own home, work, or school classroom.  

    Classes are offered with a free-trial so you can come and see what the curriculum is all about.  The class is extremely beginner friendly and are geared towards teaching you a customizable self-defense strategy that works for your own personal lifestyle.  Whether you’re a mother of 3 children living in a house, or a Doctor who has to get to his car in the parking lot after a very late night shift off of work.  We’ve even had military personnel come in and learn some great techniques and strategies that will help them out in their home life off of the military base.  

    If you would like to obtain information on these classes then be sure to contact us by phone or come by the gym to try-out a free class.

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