Level: Hard
Limit of participants

Age Range: 5yrs-Adult

Description: This is a style of karate (meaning empty hand) in which techniques from many different martial arts are integrated into one system. Much like MMA techniques from different martial arts are integrated into one system.

These classes give students a broad knowledge of the martial arts, as well as practical and effective techniques.

Benefits: Respect, discipline, focus, concentration, goal setting, personal growth, self-defense.


Matt Smith (head instructor)

(6 th degree black belt karate)

(6 th degree black belt Eskrima)

(4 th degree black belt Taekwondo)

(1 st degree black belt BJJ)

(Brown belt Judo)

(Modern Army Combative Program

(B.A. Psychology)

(M.Ed. cross-cultural education)

Dan Musso (3 rd degree black belt Karate)

Josh Dolarian (3 rd degree black belt Karate)

Billy Ramos (2 nd degree black belt Karate)

Rico Rodriguez (2 nd degree black belt karate)

Cary Weigant (2 nd degree black belt Karate)

(B.S. kinesiology)

(Black belt Aikido)

Sven Dobbs (1st degree black belt karate)

Aaron Thai (black belt karate)